Upcoming Scholarships - AY 2018

Category A: 100%  |  Category B: 60%  | Category C: 40%

Applicable for Grade 1 - 3   |  Application Window:  18 - 30 Dec 2017

Attend our introductory presentation to know more about VonHayat Education for your child?

VonHayat is a non-profit organization with over 60% students getting subsidized education. Contact parent relations office (+021.343 10099) to know more about 'need-based scholarships'.  

iPads at Kindy ...

 They love to play and learn with iPads.

They love to play and learn with iPads.

iPads are used in Kindy as assistive technology to engage young learners and enhance their learning experience.


Welcome to VonHayat Schools

As a parent, selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions of your life. This decision must be an informed one....


Tooli Vooli Studio

 The future begins here.

The future begins here.

The only program of its kind in Pakistan provides a fun way to tune fine motor skills and learn basics of technology.

Computational Thinking


Code Studio program will introduce children to write and test programs using educational programming languages.

Intelligence & Character


We take character development seriously. From 'Golden Rules' in Kindy to 'Falah Club' in junior school, a unique but comprehensive approach to character development is offered.

We Play, We Learn


The vibrant and energetic art program encourages children to explore ideas, create and learn about art and craft from around the world.