Optional Homework Policy

Is Summer HOMEWORK Important?

There is growing concern about the summer vacation’s possible negative impact on learning. Many educators argue that children learn best when instruction is continuous. The long summer vacation disrupts the rhythm of instruction, leads to forgetting, and requires time be spent reviewing old material when students return to school in fall.

A group of colleagues and I conducted a review of 39 studies, and it confirmed that, on average, achievement test scores declined between spring and fall, and the loss was more pronounced for math than reading.

[Also] Substantial differences were found for reading. On some measures, middle-class children showed gains in reading achievement, particular word recognition scores, over summer. Low-wealth children showed losses

Ref:Harris Cooper | chairman of the department of psychology and neurosciences at Duke University.

This year VonHayat School has instituted an Optional Summer Homework policy. 15 days customized Summer Homework Packs were provided to parents who opted in.

Third Pack of the series will be ready by 14th July.
For details Parent Relations Office can be contacted at: