High Performacne Math

Ever heard about math anxiety? 

Mark H. Ashcraft defines math anxiety as "a feeling of tension, apprehension, or fear that interferes with math performance". The phenomenon is associated with poor performance in Math. In Pakistan and particularly in Karachi majority of K-10 students suffer from Math anxiety.  

At VonHayat Math is a major focus. We use D.Hilbert Learning's High Performance Math System which is based on Growth Mindset Mathematics research. D.Hilbert Math develops strong calculation and problem solving skills. During last academic year some of the students in our SKG-16 class were able to solve set of 90 questions in 3.5 minuets with over 98% accuracy. This is really an amazing performance by 5 year old kids.

This year we are introducing Advanced Math for gifted students from grades SKG - 4. The program will help us challenge mathematically gifted students and achieve their maximum potential.