VonHayat becomes first Pakistani school to introduce computer coding at Kindergarten level.

VonHayat School, became the first school in Pakistan to introduce computer programming at Kindergarten level. VonHayat, a small scale non-profit project of Qirtas Foundation is also Pakistan’s one of the first schools providing STEM focused (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) education. Five year old children from senior kindergarten will have two computer coding sessions every week. School’s code studio is equipped with PCs and tablets. Children use block based computer coding applications like Scratch junior developed at MIT University.

Sr. KG students during their first coding class.

During the last few years computer coding has emerged as a literacy of the twenty first century. In many countries it has been included in computer science curriculum. However in Pakistan the trend is just beginning.  

VonHayat School makes extensive use of educational technologies. Our children love reading interactive e-books and enjoy learning mathematics through various applications.

Computer coding is all about creativity, problem solving, expression, logical thinking, and application of mathematical skills. Our next generations will use coding in the same way as ours use words.