Education is a passion at VonHayat. Our schools are planned as dynamic learning environments to offer premier K-8 education leading to O and A-Levels and IB diplomas. Our campuses are designed as vibrant and eco-friendly learning spaces where children can enjoy learning.

VHS aims to provide opportunities to our young learners to develop the skills they need to lead and take on the challenges of the 21st century.

Campus-wide wireless internet access will connect students and teachers to online learning network and resources. VonSite, our school intranet will also provide 24/7 access to informationand resources to students, parents and teachers.



The VonHayat Community

Creativity is now regarded as the most important quality for the leaders of tomorrow**.

At VonHayat, Innovation is a mindset and a culture.  Our students learn to create and innovate while collaborating with diverse teammates. Our young learner perform various curricular and co-curricular activities in teams and learn to coordinate, make decisions and strengthen their relational skills.


Next Generation Learning

The VonHayat Advantage

The heart of the VonHayat education strategy is 21-C Learning Framework, developed with a vision and ambition to provide a foundation for young learners to develop a comprehensive set of skills essential for a successful future.

The framework is based on early childhood education research and best practices in USA, UK, and Singapore. The framework, seamlessly integrates advanced skills within core learning disciplines at K-8 levels.



On behalf of VonHayat community, we welcome you to this website. This is your first glance at the vast array of academic, and co-curricular programs offered at VonHayat. The website will also help you gain a flavor of exciting life at VonHayat

As a parent, selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions of your life. This decision must be an informed one.

Information in this website is designed to help you make the right decision. It provides comprehensive information about VonHayat schools and our unique 21-C Learning framework


Yes, we are a proud Co-education community that mirrors reality of a diverse, open and interconnected world beyond school.

We strongly believe every individual learner regardless of the gender has her/his own interests, talents and learning needs. In our gender-balanced classrooms *, our students learn to accept diversity and collaborate with other students. In this environment of mutual respect and inclusion, VonHayat girls are a symbol of confidence, compassion and courage.

VonHayat is Pakistan's one of the first schools to make extensive use of educational technologies and move towards generation learning. School's current technology infrastructure includes G-suit based intranet, a Learning Management System, eBooks library and various integrated apps for English, Mathematics and Science.

Our students are encouraged to use technology resources and develop digital age proficiencies, they need to thrive in the digital age. ***

At VonHayat we are preparing our students for tomorrow's increasingly interconnected world. VonHayat education is designed to help students see themselves as global citizens who could make positive differences in the world beyond our geographic boundaries.

VonHayat students learn to be tolerant and respectful towards other cultures, religions, beliefs and differences. While English is the primary language of instruction at VonHayat, students will also be exposed to other modern languages.


*: We do our best to maintain a gender balance in all grades. 

**:IBM Global Business Services, Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Summary, 2010.

***:Deploying and maintaining technology comes at high cost. Despite financial challenges, VonHayat has been at the forefront.