Preparing for School

Parents' Orientation

Parents are required to attend 30-minute orientation session. The session is arranged 1-2 working days before the first school day of the child. Orientation session is planned to give parents and the child a positive and warm first school experience.  Parents will be introduced to teachers and provided basic information about school policies and school intranet.

School Uniform

Complete uniform sets will be available from school's online shop and retailers. Further details about uniform are available in the admission pack.

School Transport

Door to door transport service will soon be offered through contract venders. Online Transport Service Request Form can be accessed from school intranet.

Financial Assistance

At VonHayat we realize that talented and gifted students are the key to fostering academic excellence.  Our financial assistance program ensures that financial circumstances do not prohibit a gifted student from attending VonHayat.

Families wishing to be considered for Financial assistance should inform school administration at the time of assessment meeting. School's decisions regarding financial award are final and cannot be appealed.

Financial Assistance

Limited financial aid awards will be available for gifted students in grade 1 through grade 8. Financial assistance will not be available in KG section. Grants will cover all or portion of the tuition fee and are based on the financial need of the family.

Recipients of financial assistance are expected to contribute positively and meet school's academic standards.

Family Discount

We welcome all family members into our community and are pleased to offer family discounts.

Family discounts are applicable only on lesser tuition fees. Any family availing this discount cannot get any other discount.

Please contact Parent Relations Office for details of the discounts.

Other Discount

Please contact Parent Relations office for further details.