Education Technology

At Vonhayat, we recognize the enormous potential of technology to enhance and enrich learning. We are also proud of our many innovative educational technology initiatives in Pakistan. During the first phase of our technology program we will introduce iPads and laptops in Kindy and junior sections. We are also working on taking the digital experience to next level and planning to introduce Chrome books.



iPads will be used in our Kindy section (N-K) as assistive technology to engage young learners and enhance their learning experience. In KG classes finger paints, crayons, and flashcards will be supplemented with iPads. Children will use iPads to learn alphabet, mathematics operations, arts, read e-books and explore basic concepts of science and technology.



In first grade students will be introduced to laptops. They will be able to create, store and share documents, presentations and e-books, create and post articles, use educational applications and work on collaborative projects. All classrooms will be WiFi enabled with high speed internet access and replicate real life 21st century communication environment.

Learning Environment

Kindy Farm


Kindy Farm provides a great educational experience to kindy learners and helps them expand their knowledge of the wider world. They love the magical insight into the life cycle of a baby chicken. Children are also excited to hold, pat and hand-feed Kindy Farm animals.

Kindy Garden


Education at VonHayat Kindy involves a lot of hands-on learning. The Kindy Garden helps children learn about nature, weathers, stages of plant life and much more. It also allows them to practice research and scientific observation skills and question the why's and what's of nature.

Clean Energy


Learning about environment and clean energy is important. To make this learning fun and interactive demo-projects will be installed at selected campuses. These will include solar station, wind turbine, recycling bins, water wheel.



All VonHayat campuses will house well-stocked libraries that support reading and 21st century information literacies.   

At VonHayat, we want our children to be life-long learners and library plays a vital role in our mission. Libraries at VonHayat campuses are vibrant and welcoming environment for the students, staff and parents. Library lessons are also linked to core subjects to develop essential information management skills for 21st century learning.  During library sessions children can read books, e-books, watch documentaries and work on their projects.




In order to provide our young learners the first experience of hands-on e-reading, e-readers will be available at libraries. Access to online references and web-based subscriptions will also enhance students' research skills.

Online Calalogue


The library is equipped with an online cataloging system accessible over internet.  The web-based catalog allows students, teachers and parents to search for and order required books and other material from school as well as home.

Library & More


At VonHayat library is an engaging place. Apart from a good collection of books, the place is also an art gallery and a media studio with rich collection of documentaries and educational movies. 

We would welcome any donations of good quality and relevant new or used books.