VonSite, The VonHayat Intranet.

We believe our close relationship with parents can have a significant impact on child's development and success in learning. VonSite, our school intranet provides the platform to form this relationship. VonSite  can be used to access child's progress reports, have a look on child's work and communicate with school. Parents are provided login ID and password to access VonSite.

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Getting in Touch


Parents Relations Office

The office of parents relations serves as our primary contact point with parents who have entrusted us with their most valued treasure, their child. Its a responsibility we take seriously.

Our Parents Relations Representative will be available during school hours. We will be happy to answer your queries and provide any required assistance. Parents Relations Representative can be reached at;

Phone: (+92) 021 343 100 99

Email:   contact (at) VonHayat . com

Visiting Us

It’s always best to make an appointment before you come in. You can schedule a one-on-one meeting by filling up the online form or by calling us.


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VonHayat School Pakistan

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T: +92 21 343 100 99
E: contact@vonhayat.com