Discovery time with microscope

Science is exciting. In our small campus, many of the discovery time activities are planned in the garden. Last week grade 1 students completed their science unit on 'five senses'. As part of unit related practical work we decided to explore plants, insects and other objects in our garden.

All the future scientists were excited to make new discoveries with a basic 450X microscope which was easy to handle for the small hands. We started with different types of leaves and also looked at some micro-organisms. Once the children were comfortable with the microscope they started looking for other interesting objects from the garden. Weeds, ant, plant bug, sand and water droplets were explored under the microscope. The activity was really exciting and helped the students discover a new world which we normally can't see with our eyes. 

Children were excited to explore more objects but we had to stop as it was home time. The school has already ordered an electronic microscope and we are looking forward to new learning adventures. 

Google 'classroom' goes live for VonHayat students

Today is another great days for students, teachers and parents at VonHayat school. Today we are excited to announce rolling out of 'Google Classroom' for our junior school students. Being a STEM focused school, our investment in educational technology is aimed at equipping our students with future-ready skills. VonHayat is already using google's G-Suit as its intranet, VonSITE, to integrate learning resources.

'Classroom', will not only help us keep VonHayat parents informed of children's learning needs at home but will also provide a channel to teachers to share appropriate online learning resources with students and parents. Teachers will also be able communicate with their classes, create and organize assignments, quizes, announcements and provide feedback.

Beginning today, we are also providing VonSITE IDs to our junior school students. During coming months our students will be trained to use various learning resources integrated in VonSITE ecosystem.

Parents can download 'Classroom' mobile app through the link sent through SMS. Next week, students' accounts will be activated and they will be trained to use the application.

The VonHayat Blog

Learning with Nature at VonHayat Kindergarten

Children are love nature and are most open to learning outside the classroom. Every week our young learners are engaged in nature related learning activities in our little kindy garden. These hands-on experimental activities provide the best learning opportunities. 

Plants, twigs, leaves, grass, sand, soil, rocks, pebbles and other natural treasures are the wonderful learning tools. Its always interesting to see our young learners using these natural tools to learn about the real world around them.

Here are few glimpses of Grades N and jr. Kinder enjoying learning with the nature. 

VonSITE, our School Intranet

Here is another fascinating development at VonHayat.

We are excited to announce integration of Learning Management Platform with ‪#‎VonHayat‬ School’s intranet, VonSITE. The LMS is customized, deployed and managed by ‪#‎DHilbert‬ Business Solutions.

‪#‎VonSITE‬ will not only provide our students, teachers and parents 24/7 access to learning but also play a valuable role in creating a stimulating and exciting learning culture at #VonHayat Junior School.

The new system is undergoing alpha testing and will go live next month.