A Warm Welcome to VonHayat

As a parent, selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions of your life. This decision must be an informed one.

Information in this website is designed to help you make the right decision. It provides comprehensive information about VonHayat schools and our unique 21-C Learning framework.  VonHayat School as first QFP institution is all set to revolutionize the concept of modern education in Pakistan.

VonHayat is a non-profit school. QFP offers need-based scholarships to subsidize cost of education for deserving families. In fact at its 100% capacity level, 50% of the students would be availing need or merit based scholarships. We are proud to lead a knowledge revolution in Pakistan with one of the most advanced technology based learning environments in the country.

VonHayat schools are planned to offer premier K-8 education leading to A-Levels and IB diplomas. Our campuses are designed as vibrant and Eco-friendly learning environments where children can enjoy learning.

As a cutting edge educational organization, VonHayat campuses will be equipped with iPads (tablets) , laptops, clean energy demo projects, robotic kits and many other advanced learning technologies.

Campus-wide wireless internet access will connect students and teachers to online learning network and resources. VonSite, our school intranet will also provide 24/7 access to information  and resources to students, parents and teachers.

VHS aims to provide opportunities to young learners to develop the skills they need to lead and take on the challenges of the 21st century.


About VonHayat


21-C Learning Framework

The heart of the VonHayat education strategy is 21-C Learning Framework, developed with a vision  and ambition to provide a foundation for young learners to develop a comprehensive set of skills essential for a successful future. The framework is based on early childhood education research and best practices in USA, UK, Australia and Singapore. The theme based framework, seamlessly integrates advanced skills within core learning disciplines at K-8 levels. In countries like Pakistan 21-C learning is the first model providing infusion of advanced skills into K-8 curriculum.



Quality Management

VonHayat works under strict quality and operational standards.  Education Excellence (EdEx)  standards are designed to assess our learning environment in curriculum delivery, environment, health and safety areas.


VonHayat Future

VonHayat has an ambitious growth plan for the next five years. During this period we will establish more VonHayat Schools across the country. We also plan to establish an Education Resource and Training center for professional development of teaching and education management professionals


~ VonHayat Vision  ~


VonHayat will be a safe, nurturing and active learning environment providing best learning and teaching experiences to develop mindful future leaders who could positively impact their communities and the world beyond.


Guiding Statements


VonHayat School will;

  • maintain high standards of education excellence.

  • be a vibrant and welcoming community of students, parents and staff.

  • develop future mindful leaders with active and creative minds,

  • provide an active learning environment where children feel safe and can thrive.

  • instill in young learners an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

  • prepare students to become responsible, honest, respectful and compassionate global citizens.


Core Values

Following core values are the heart of our learning culture.

  • Integrity: We are sincere, trustworthy, ethical and lead by example.

  • Respect: We are courteous, polite and kind towards others.

  • Responsibility: We are accountable for our actions. We admit our mistakes and plan corrections.

  • Life-long learning: We are passionate for life long learning.

  • Excellence: We strive for the highest standards in everything we do.

Our Community 

We honor parents as child's first teachers and consider them to be valuable cooperative partners in fostering their children's excellence in school. We, therefore, encourage parents to become involved in the activities and programs of the school.

1 | Parents Teachers Forum

PTF is a channel of open communication between teachers and parents. PTF arranges various events and activities to bring together parents, students and teachers and builds a sense of community.


3 | VonSite, The School Intranet

VonSite, our online portal is one of the main source of information between parents and school. Parents can use the portal for school updates, school and classroom announcements and academic calendars. 

2 | Meetings & Conference

Parents are required to attend various meetings and an annual conference. The conference will provide parents an opportunity to discuss children's progress and actively engage in their learning at school.


4 | Parenting Workshops

Parenting workshops are organized for parents of children registered with the school. Workshops are aimed at introducing parents to strategies for raising intelligent, respectful and responsible children.